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Bring epic fun and engage your kid in multiple activities with these building blocks

Here's some serious building material for seriously big ideas. With GIGI Bloks you can basically build anything. Just let kids express themselves! Let them make forts, castles, ships or dragons. Let them build big and be bold. Let them imagine, create and be proud of their life-sized creations. 

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A Certified Educational Toy
International Certification from the Excellent Play organization attests that GIGI Bloks has the following play and learning values:
Personal knowledge
Playing is an act of learning. GIGI lets kids discover themselves allowing full freedom of choice.
Mathematical knowledge
We understand geometry by using figures and combining them. We learn math by adding, subtracting and dividing.
Spatial knowledge
Creating and building the world of imagination teaches to understand space and place. GIGI teaches to think bigger.

Build sturdy designs

Brilliantly engineered, these simple blocks lock in place for sturdy structures and endless fun
The unique double-wall design makes GIGI Bloks extra durable
Create windows and doors. Double blocks stick together in a sturdy way creating an effect of long blocks
Agnese Deicmane
Mom of 7 years old Alise
"GIGI Bloks we got as a present and doughter is very excited. Every single moment she is building something. Building blocks are ligt in weight, easy to play with and full of imagination."
Ieva Kauce
"In our home kids play with GIGI every day! The best about this toy is the fact that the whole family can be a part of creative process! Even our cat! I am very proud of this Latvian invention!"
Indra Everse
Mom of four kids
"I am so amazed by these big building blocks. Kids are lost in roll play for hours. At moments I see some disagreements. And I love to witness how they get to solve it through conversations!"
Amy Cosper Richtermeyer
VP, Editor-in-Chief Entrepreneur Media
"GIGI building blocks for kids are like canvas for artist. Unconditional and raedy to unliesh kids imagination!"