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Epic Blocks, XXL size

XXL and XL size

Watch children get super excited as they transform their big building blocks into different stories. They can build their own houses, ships, fortresses, castles, zoos, kitchens, space ships, and shops–it will all seem so real and engaging. All of them, as well as many more building options will be at their disposal with this one toy. The best part? Once they finish one story, they will love to transform these building blocks into their next story in no time. It is all there.
One toy makes for multiple play activities so your kid never gets bored.

200 pieces set: 160 double unit blocks, 24 single unit blocks, 16 triangle unit blocks

100 piece set: 80 double unit blocks, 12 single unit blocks,  8 triangle unit blocks

100 piece set pink: 80 double unit blocks - pink, 12 single unit blocks - white,  8 triangle unit blocks - white

100 piece set-white: 80 double unit blocks - white, 12 single unit blocks - white,  8 triangle unit blocks - white

60 piece set: 50 double unit blocks, 6 single unit blocks, 4 triangle unit blocks


Click on the video and look inside 

Easy to fold, adult assembly required.

Precautions: these blocks are not moisture or fire resistant; strong enough to be played with, but not for sitting or standing on.


Size of XL and XXL

The only difference is in size.
XL is 60% from XXL block size. 

XXL are 7.87x3.94x3.94in (20x10x10cm). 

XL are 5.11x2.56x2.56in (13x6.5x6.5cm).


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