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Creative Gift set, XL size

XXL and XL size

What is your child up to today? Choose a gift that allows them to build their own toys in whatever theme they feel close to right now. Let them use stencils, label sheets and crayons to decorate their toy as they please!
When they are done with their theme, they can also try out some of the 12 other cool ideas included.

1. Ships and planes. How about a ship traveling through a restless sea or maybe a plane to fly above the clouds?
2. A cat and a house. Here is a cat with long, soft whiskers and cute pink paws. There is a house with a wide window and colorful curtains. Use stencils and crayons to bring in some colors and make your house a home.
3. Reindeer and a tree. Build a fairy tale with trees and even a reindeer!

The easy-to-manipulate cardboard blocks interlock with a super-stable nesting mechanism that will allow your boy or girl to play out endless scenarios and change the stage design many, many times.

Contains 30 interlocking pieces and:

  • 6 super soft and sturdy wax crayons
  • 2 carefully designed stencils, which are part of a package
  • 2 sheets of removable labels (size 21 cm x 29,7 cm)
  • 12 ideas on what else can you build with your new blocks 

Click on the video and look inside 

Easy to fold, adult assembly required.

Precautions: these blocks are not moisture or fire resistant; strong enough to be played with, but not for sitting or standing on.


Size of XL and XXL

The only difference is in size.
XL is 60% from XXL block size. 

XXL are 7.87x3.94x3.94in (20x10x10cm). 

XL are 5.11x2.56x2.56in (13x6.5x6.5cm).


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