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Ultimate building blocks for children to build their own house

Children love to build. Be it their own house, castle, fortress or something entirely new and inspiring. That's why they need some serious material. They often grab blankets, pillows, and kitchen chairs, and the room becomes a realization of their imagination.

Now, they can have all the easy-to-use, serious looking building material they need. Give these epic building blocks to children and watch their excitement as they create their own world to play in. They will be able to build houses, ships, dinosaurs, fortresses, castles, zoos, their own kitchen, a shop, a spaceship—you name it! The best part, once they finish playing out one story, they can transform these building blocks into their next dream in no time at all.
It’s amazing and satisfying for you and them both.

Look at how many remarkable things your child can build with this one toy.

Easy interlocking system

Create sturdy and stable structures.
Everything will stay in place as long as your child wants it to, and then it will be easy to rearrange it all for their next activity.


Get GIGI BLOKS today

Now children have a better solution for building their houses instead of using blankets and pillows

“Most of the experts agree that building blocks are one of the best toys ever created. Children can spend hours building different structures. But as a child I was always wondering - why are all the blocks so small. What about big building blocks? I want to build a house, a plane or a space ship for myself! The only option I was left with was to use whatever I could find at home - blankets, chairs, even books - to create the awesome play world I had imagined. As a grown up I witnessed the same scenario while raising my daughter Alice. She was 5 when she first occupied our living room with a huge blanket shelter. And I wasn’t very too happy about this new development. But that also made me realize that we share the same story. Alice wanted to build big, real size buildings for her role play and big building blocks would help her do that… without destroying our living room. Now thousands of children use GIGI Bloks as their favorite building material. They can finally create the world of their imagination on a real scale.”
Ilona Viluma, Founder of GIGI Bloks

"More than five million building blocks already sent to children all around the world"

The cardboard bricks are seriously sturdy
"The cardboard bricks are so solid, and even my three heavy-handed monkeys haven’t broken or damaged any of them (even on the odd occasions when the build wasn’t going their way, and they got stroppy and threw some bricks around)—they’re seriously sturdy!"
Karen Bleakley, mom of three (Australia)
I’d had enough of using up our living room as a playground
"My child used blankets and pillows and everything he could find in the living room as a building material for his ideas. I wasn’t very happy about it. Then I remembered about GIGI Bloks - and chose it as a gift for my 5-year-old’s birthday. Now he has all the building material he needs and he can play out all of his different ideas with these blocks."
Eva Johanson, mom of a 5-year-old, Latvia
At first, I didn’t think my child would like these natural color blocks
"My mom gave GIGI Bloks to our children as a birthday gift. At first I was mad at her - why did she bring these cardboard boxes to our house? But after a couple of days I saw how my children love these blocks and they keep playing with them. I completely changed my opinion after that."
Miriam Pastor, Spain​
I was worried it would take up a lot of space
"GIGI Bloks looked like great fun, though I was worried they would need quite a bit of space. It turned out you can quickly build two tall towers in the corner of the room while they’re not being used."
Pippa Best, mom of two, United Kingdom

The building material for every type of role play

Always get fresh ideas on what to build with your GIGI Bloks

Get on the "IDEA BANK" list and you will receive our specialist developed TOP ideas on what your child can build, regularly. You will also get tips and guides on how to make new and exciting DIY accessories for even more immersing role play in the form of videos and photos.
Buy GIGI Bloks and you will get on the list with no additional steps required.

Get The Starter

With this set you will get: 50XXL double blocks 6XXL single blocks 4XXL triangle blocks.
Look at these options - this is what your child will be able to build with “The Starter”. Try it out!

Get The Builder

With this set you will get: 80XXL double blocks 12XXL single blocks 8XXL triangle blocks.
Your child will be busy building all of the options from "The Starter" and many more with "The Builder".

Get The Master Builder

With this set you will get: 160XXL double blocks 24XXL single blocks 16XXL triangle blocks.
Anything you can find on this page – your child will be able to build it!


Beautifully packaged building blocks - ready for gifting - is what we have prepared for you. That we promise! As GIGI Bloks sets are hand assembled, we make sure that no manufacturing defects will ever reach your home. Though, if something like that would ever happen, we promise to make it right! Just don’t forget to e-mail us within 10 days after receiving your GIGI Bloks and let us know of the exact problem. You can always get in touch by e-mailing to gigi@gigibloks.com.

Experts are certain that GIGI Bloks is the TOP choice in the building block world


Are you from Europe? The order should be at your doorstep within 3 - 8 working days.
From the US? The order will arrive within two weeks.
For orders above 100 Eur the delivery will be free of charge.

Size of XL and XXL

The only difference is in size.
XL is 60% from XXL block size. 

XXL are 7.87x3.94x3.94in (20x10x10cm). 

XL are 5.11x2.56x2.56in (13x6.5x6.5cm).



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