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How Much Space it Takes, AKA How to Store GIGI Bloks

Cleaning up is never been easier. Stack blocks on top of each other, it will take a small space as a tower in the corner or wall against the wall. Those days are over when you had to pick up small building block parts in every corner in the house, cleaning out blocks from vacuum cleaner or even worse, step on them. And neutral color will fit in every interior.
Look at pictures here, how compact GIGI Bloks can become after playtime.
By the way, if you are interested, how much times you can fold and unfold blocks, we suggest not to go above 8 times. Up to that, they will be fit.

Dimensione di XL e XXL

L’unica differenza è la dimensione.

I blocchi XL sono il 60% delle dimensioni degli XXL.

Gli XXL misurano 7,87x3,94x3,94 pollici (20x10x10cm).

Gli XL misurano 5,11x2,56x2,56 pollici (13x6.5x6.5cm).


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