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GIGI Bloks Christmas Tree at the Office? Yeah!

December 13, 2016

GIGI Bloks Christmas Tree at the Office? Yeah!

Holiday season is around the corner and we have another amazing idea. This time – for you and your colleagues to try. If your staff has a tradition to decorate the office tree together, this year why don’t you try building a GIGI Bloks tree in your office?

Each colleague can take his/her own block, write his/her favorite affirmation, wish to colleagues or the company, or even goals for the next year and then add it to the tree of wishes. Step by step your staff will bond, you will increase positive vibes in the office, and we guarantee – every colleague will want to take a selfie with such an original Christmas tree!

Moreover, if you company has a lot of visitors coming in daily, they will also most definitely appreciate such a beautiful, creative approach.

Depending on the size you want, take set of 100 giant building blocks that would give you around 1,5 m high Christmas tree. Want bigger? Grab more!

We would love to see how your tree came through – post a pic on Instagram with hashtag #GIGIBuild or drop us an email gigi@gigibloks.com! :)

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Size of XL and XXL

The only difference is in size.
XL is 60% from XXL block size. 

XXL are 7.87x3.94x3.94in (20x10x10cm). 

XL are 5.11x2.56x2.56in (13x6.5x6.5cm).



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