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Fast and dexterous

December 05, 2018

Fast and dexterous

"Let’s go for a ride! You can compete in F1 race and then drive along the lions in the wild safari. You can drive through serpentines and then suddenly be in the Sahara desert. You choose!"

Here are the car versions we have done. Share yours as well. And we will add it.

Share it on your Instagram with #gigibuild or drop us an email gigi@gigibloks.com




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Size of XL and XXL

The only difference is in size.
XL is 60% from XXL block size. 

XXL are 7.87x3.94x3.94in (20x10x10cm). 

XL are 5.11x2.56x2.56in (13x6.5x6.5cm).


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